Events at Saint Mark

Morris View Schedule

We will lead worship at Morris View Healthcare Center on Sunday, April 22. The services begin at 2:00 pm. However, we arrive at 1:30 pm to hand out bulletins and prepare for worship. This is always an uplifting and moving experience for all who have participated. The residents always very much appreciate our being there. The service always includes several old favorite hymns which bring special pleasure to all. You will be touched in ways you could never imagine.


Saint Mark Book Marks

At our March 28 lunch meeting we will discuss Alice Hoffman’s The Marriage of Opposites. This is a rather complex read with many characters, places, and locations. It is also a book teeming with intriguing subject matter: religion, race, society, family secrets, illegitimacy, title, art, etc. As we go to press we have not yet determined our April selection. Judy Geller will contact you soon.